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Susanna teaching in Copenhagen

Sunday 28 October – Friday 16 November 2018 Astanga Yoga 3 weeks course with Susanna Finocchi Gammel Kongevej 43 at Copenhagen Yoga   I will offer you three weeks of intense Astanga Yoga practice to reconnect with each other, to nurture and deepen your existing yoga practice through personal adjustments and advices. My wish is to support a sense of joy, commitment and depth to your […]

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Dear students,
We have always appreciated a straightforward and direct contact and you all know that we communicate with open intentions and share what we believe in and offer in our teachings.
In our transition into a new format of teaching we are not yet able to offer you a program or place to sign up for, other than Susanna’s course in October/November, and therefore ask you dedicated students to keep an eye on and the facebook-site – Astanga Yoga Copenhagen and of course for future workshops with Sharath.

Here you can read information directly from us and you are of course also welcome to write to us on if you have questions or has something to share. Direct and clear communication seems to be important in this delicate moment as there is an email-list circulating which has been created in our shala without our support. This list is now being used for personal promotions and we are disappointed to learn that the openness and trust among us are not being respected.

Practice, practice, practice and all is coming – Namaste Susanna & Jens

We have now moved out of the shala on Vesterbrogade and are in the process of finding a new format for our teachings – of course still Astanga yoga as taught by K. Pattabhi Jois and R. Sharath Jois in Mysore as you all know it but without keeping a shala open 12 hours per day, 6 days per week almost 12 months for 18 years!


We encourage all students to keep practicing what you have been taught. You have been introduced to the essentials of the Astangayoga method in a very thorough way, so trust what you have learned and already accomplished. Don’t loose your focus, stay on the mat and we will meet again 
Dear beloved students, friends and colleagues
with mixed feelings of both joy and sadness, release and nostalgia, as well as gratitude and respect we announce to have reached the end of the journey with the shala on Vesterbrogade.
It is time to move on and out which will be at the end of June as Wednesday 27th will be the last day of teaching.
It is a “på gensyn”, an “arrivederci”, a “see you” in some different form other than the shala that has been the home of Astanga yoga in our city. A stage for a fantastic adventure of offering the original form of Astanga yoga where so many of you have met yoga and given us the opportunity to grow with the teachings. It is a change of form but not of essence, the love of Yoga, the practice and its teaching according to the tradition of Guruji and Sharathji which we will continue as you and we know it .
We are very proud of having been together here for 18 years offering classes mornings and evenings from Sunday till Friday, workshops and courses and most of all the privilige of hosting the gurus of Astanga yoga, the most respected teachers worlwide of our tradition and so many of our colleagues guest-teaching in the shala. Yes, very few shalas in the world have had the honour of both Guruji’s and Sharath-ji’s presence inside these walls as well as Peter Sanson, Eddie Stern and many many more – 😊 such blessings indeed!


We would also like to thank some of the best Sanskrit scholars who came to the shala and gave lectures, courses on Yoga and brought us the light of their knowledge, among them Prof. Ken Zysk, Dr. Jayashree, Prof. Narasimhan, Prof. David Gordon White and other dear friends of the shala who came to share their knowledge in related fields Charlotte Mandrup, Kristoffer Glavind Kjær, Nicolay Zederlinn, Pernille Nordby, Carsten Møller and many more


A special thank to our friends and colleagues who came during the years to support us, the shala and all the students teaching both workhops and longer periods as guest teachers Gwendoline, Juha Javanainen, Mark Robberds, Hanne Sydanmaa, Maria Boox, Elena De Martin, Sara Stangertz and Fernando Pacheco, Nick Evans and Katia Garcia, Monica Marinoni, Bill Brundell, Taina and Matti, Isabella Nitschke, Annette Jörgens, Megan Riley and a special dear italian support by Massimo Ferretti and Elisa De Santis. And of course all our students who became assistants even went on their own path of becoming teachers – thank you to all ❤
All this have put Copenhagen on the worldwide Astanga yoga-map thanks to the gurus and their faith in us, the teachers that we respect who all worked intensely with each one of you and all of you to have come joining the practice from all over the world. The shala has been the platform for all this in so many years, and it is time to move on, times are changing and we will take the next steps as we have done so far, every time.
We are indeed very proud and honoured to have brought and established Astanga Yoga in Copenhagen being able to present you with an authentic practice and how to practice with diligence, dedication, focus and compassion, the best of students ❤


A few of you have become experienced practitioners, some more steady practitioners, even more casual practitioners and others very occasional practitioners, even some Yoga and/or Astanga Yoga teachers, so many of you have had babies, found husbands and wifes, experienced great love and broken hearts, even fabolous carriers and great adventures and all met many, many new yogafriends !!! What a fantastic world we have created together connected with the global Astanga community!
Many of you have experienced how it is to walk into an Astanga yoga shala anywhere in the world and immediately felt being like home with the same practice, shala-routines and already connecting with the local practitioners, finding out that you have mutual friends or the teachers being our friends and colleagues!


All over Copenhagen we see people cycling with yogamats on their shoulders or in their baskets which is an entirely different scenery than year 2000 where we were very few and all knew each other practicing Astanga. We are happy to have contributed to share Astanga Yoga all over our city and do indeed feel to have given our contribution for Yoga to be available to everyone – even expressing the love to yoga and the community with our own band, the Astanga All Star Band!
This is how it is supposed to be having the words of our masters ringing in our ears: Yoga is for everyone, just not the lazy one!


We will continue spreading the good message of Yoga and Astanga Yoga in particular, taking care of ourselves, becoming more present to our core interests, more alive, accepting who we are rather than conforming to what we are supposed to feel and want – we believe in the yoga and will continue on the path so stay tuned and we will all meet again.
Our webpage will be active as well as our facebook-site 😊
Jens is continuing his studies of Indology, deepening his knowledge of Sanskrit, the language of Yoga and indian philosophy, travelling to India and Mysore as well as teaching Yoga in Copenhagen.


Susanna will travel and bring more Yoga to the provinces 🙂 as a real Roman 🙂
– and of course study with Sharath-ji in Mysore as well as continue her studies of Sanskrit.
She will be back in Copenhagen for a long workshop 28 oct-16 nov 2018.
Classes will be taught according to the schedule till Wednesday 27th of june, come and practice !!!
Pick up your mat or tell your friends to pick up their yogamats!
On Friday June 15th will be the last led primary class with Susanna at 16-17.30pm.
Final call at 18 o’clock: Susanna and Jens will round up our adventure in the shala on Vesterbrogade and say thank you to all. Everyone having been to the shala over the years is welcome.
Afterwards some of the devoted students have suggested a pizzaparty! Are you coming?


Please sign up for the led primary … 😊 and pizza 😊
Stay tuned …we are inviting Sharathji for next summer 😉 fingers crossed !!!


śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ

with love Susanna & Jens

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