Sweetness of Astanga - Susanna Finocchi

Sweetness of Astanga

By Astanga2, 2. april 2016

Copenhagen has enjoyed the sweetness of Susanna’s teaching for 18 years.

Sweetness of Astanga – aṣṭāṅgasya mādhuri

Sweetness of Astanga - Susanna Finocchi

Copenhagen sweetened by 18 years of Susanna’s teaching  🙂
– København er blevet forsødet af Susanna’s undervisning i 18 år.

Susanna came to Copenhagen first time in November 2000 when we needed an experienced Astanga yoga teacher. She came with her beautiful latin smile and charmed all of us and we of course invited her to come back for a longer period.
In March 2001 she stayed the full month teaching us more of this vital practice and the following November she decided to move here for good. She has been the main pillar of teachings in the shala on Vesterbrogade these many years. Always dedicated to the practice and the authenticy of Astanga yoga with her beautiful smile and shining eyes giving everyone the opportunity to join this fantastic practice.
We have all benefited from her sweetness as well as her always gentle, caring and even firm approach to the yoga of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and she is a beautiful example for all practitioners, students, assistants, instructors and teachers here in Copenhagen of someone living the yoga.