Foredrag: Forstå Yogaen!
24. september 2019

Jens will do a talk on a manuscript on Astangayoga, which he found in Mysore, India. 

Jens tell the story of his work with the manuscript and share the knowledge and wisdom he found.

Note: the talk will be in Danish

Sharathji in Copenhagen 2019 -
take a look at the photos!

Sharathji '19
Primary class

Sharathji '15
Intermediate class

Interview with Sharath Jois, June 2019

Interview with paramaguru R. Sharath Jois from Mysore – by his students affectionately called Sharathji

Susanna teaches in Europe

Susanna teaches both workshops and retreats around Europe. She shares her knowledge and experience related to the practice. Most of the workshops are centered around the mysore style teaching, complemented by talk on philosophy, yoga and chanting. 

Jens teaches in Skodsborg and on Gl. Kongevej

Jens teaches in Skodsborg on Saturdays – both mysore stule and led classes. On Wednesdays he teaches on Gammel Kongevej. In this way he continues to share his knowledge and experience on the practice in and around Copenhagen.

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Jens is teaching in Skodsborg