Books on Astanga Yoga

Astanga Yoga Anusthana

Sharath’s first book, which goes through the 8 limbs of Astanga Yoga with instructions for all the asana of the primary series. He describes both breath, gaze and vinyasa count. Furthermore, he finishes off with some good advice on therapeutic asana and a simple pranayama. He also includes some of the most important mantras in sanscrit

Language: English
200 kr. + porto

Yoga Mala på dansk

Yoga Mala

Yoga Mala describes in detail and very precisely who to practice the original Astanga Yoga.

In 1958, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois wrote this valuable book, which contains the philosophy and principles of Astanga Yoga with a thorough description of the vinyasa method for the sun salutations and all asana of the primary series and the finishing asana

Language: English or Danish
250 kr. incl. porto

Surya Namaskara booklet by Guruji


Suryanamaskara by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois is  small book on the sun salutations. The book is written with a wish to create an understanding of the inner spiritual meaning of the sun salutations. The book contains a short introduction to the philosophy behind the sun salutations and an excerpt from Yoga Mala + an interview with Pattabhi Jois

Language: English
80 kr. + porto

Posters with yoga asana

Large (A2)

Measures 70×50 cm

200 kr. + porto

Medium (A3)

Measures 50×35 cm

100 kr. + porto


Measures 30×15 cm

25 kr. + porto