A talk on a Sanscrit manuscript

Sept. 24. 2019 , 18-20 o'clock


II samādhiḥ samatā-avasthā jīvātmaparamātmanoḥ II ityaṣṭāṃgayogaḥ II

This is the first sentence on folio 13 in the manuscript which we recognised sitting in the Oriental Library in Mysore January 2017!

It says: “Samādhi [is] the condition of sameness of jīvātman and paramātman. Thus Aṣṭāṅgayoga.”

In the vīraśaiva-tradition Aṣṭāṅgayoga is in samādhi the identification or oneness between the individual and universal spirit, ātman.

During the talk, Jens will give you the full story of his research and work with the translation of the handwritten manuscript in Sanskrit and how to understand the eight limbs in this tradition.




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  • 18-20

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Note: the talk will be held in Danish

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