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Inversions – tema-klasse med Isabella Nitschke

By Astanga2, 1. maj 2017

Inversions from downdog to headstand – Saturday 7th April 10am-12 pm
price: 200DKK

We start with the dynamics of downward and upward facing dog and how these postures that we meet at the start of the practice, lay the ground for inversions at the end of our practice. Then we will also look at the importance of shoulder “alignment”, core strength and body locks (Bandha).
Being upside down can sometimes cause fear or discomfort in asana practice. Yet, head stand and other inversions need not be scary or uncomfortable if we’ve done the ground work of our practice properly. This workshop explores how to approach head stand and other common inversions in the Ashtanga yoga finishing sequence by looking at the very basics of the practice.
Practitioners will be led through a dynamic flow to warm up before moving on to the technical part of each asana. The workshop requires participants to have a regular and steady yoga practice – it is not suitable for beginners. Places are limited and pre-registration is done via (email)


The class is taught by Isabella Nitschke, authorised Ashtanga Yoga teacher (level II) by the KPJAYI, Mysore. The class is held at Astanga Yoga Copenhagen and is open to all levels of yoga practitioners except complete beginners. Places are limited and pre-registration is required*.
Please pre-register – yoga@astanga.dk
* Registration is binding, cancellations need to be done the latest 24h in advance for refunds to be made.
Upon receipt of confirmation transfer 200dkk to our account (if you make international transfer please remember to cover our fee as well by adding 50kr)
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