Sharathji teaching online

International yoga dag

On Saturday May 30th at 11.30 am CET Sharathji will teach an online class of led primary and give a conference on Zoom.

Astanga yoga

OM sound of universe

It is believed the individual self, ātman, unites with or merges in the absolute self, brahman, by means of yoga (upanishadic) – but in sāṃkhya yoga, which is the metaphysical reference of the yoga sutra, it comes to be itself through extrication from nature, matter called prakṛti. Thus yoga which means “union” there comes to… Læs mere Astanga yoga

Susanna teaching in Copenhagen

Sunday 28 October – Friday 16 November 2018 Astanga Yoga 3 weeks course with Susanna Finocchi Gammel Kongevej 43 at Copenhagen Yoga   I will offer you three weeks of intense Astanga Yoga practice to reconnect with each other, to nurture and deepen your existing yoga practice through personal adjustments and advices. My wish is to support a sense of joy, commitment and depth to your… Læs mere Susanna teaching in Copenhagen

Indian delights

Friday April 15th we will enjoy a dinner of delightful Indian dishes prepared by our shala-chef Morten Sau and his cooking-team. The menu will be: Moong dal kichari – ris og linseret Beetroot palya – rødbedesalat Tamatar ki chatni – tomatchutney Kakri raita – agurkeraita Sweets: Mixed fruit rasayana – frugtsalat  

Opvisning af Susanna

Opvisning af yogastillinger lørdag 9. april kl. 13.30. Åbningstale af den indiske ambassadør kl. 12 på national-museet – kom og se hele programmet! Susanna’s opvisning på det Nordiske Yoga Mesterskab afholdes på Nationalmuseet lørdag 9. april og er arrangeret af Dansk Yoga Sportsforbund.. Billetter kan købes her Her er en lille video fra Susannas sidste opvisning:

Yoga Forum

aṣṭāṅga yoga mantram devanagari

Yoga Forum June 25th 12-13.30 – Enlightened moments in the yoga tradition, the final presentation   Sunday June 25th after the mysore class Jens will talk about yoga based on the mystical moments in Krishnamacharya’s spiritual lineage and the religious tradition of the tamil Srivaisnavism with the sages who recovered ancient knowledge in trances or enlightened… Læs mere Yoga Forum

Peter Sanson

Peter Sanson

Mysore workshop 25th-28th of May Peter Sanson will teach an intensive workshop in the traditional mysore style on 4 classes and a yoga-talk. He is one of few genuine teachers having been with Guruji since the 80’ies and still going every year to Mysore to keep that connection with Sharath. He  is a true dedicated… Læs mere Peter Sanson