Susanna's schedule

Workshops, retreats & long courses

After teaching a daily mysore programme for 17 years in Copenhagen, Susanna now has her base in her hometown, Rome. She is now traveling, sharing her knowledge and experience teaching around the world

March 2019

March 22. - 24.
Napoli (I)

More information coming soon!

March 29. - 31
Bologna (I)

More information coming soon!

April 2019

April 5. - 13.
Groningen (NL)

This workshop is divided in two sections: a weekend following an intensive week of mysore style practice. Starting of with a led primary Friday evening, Susanna will take you through a weekend of theory, practice and chanting. Among others she will give a talk on the second chapter of The Yoga Sutras, drawing some parallels to the four noble truths of Buddhism. The following week will be a continuation of the weekend and an opportunity to deepen the practice through personal advice and adjustments.

April 15. - May 11.
Freiburg (DE)

Again this year, Susanna will be in Freiburg for one month. On Good Friday (19/4), Jens Bache will give a talk on Astangayogah – an original manuscript in Sanscrit. Three days he and Susanna will teach together and afterwards Susanna will teach the rest of the workshops with daily mysore style practice and a weekly talk. Through many years both Jens and Susanna have been giving workshops Freiburg, and they feel a deep connection to the practitioners and teachers there. 

May 2019

May 18. - 19.
Ancona (I)

This workshop will start with a led primary on the Saturday and Sunday there will be a mysore class, where Susanna will give personal adjustments and advice for everyone to improve their own practice. Furthermore there will lectures on philosophy and chanting of mantras.

June 2019

June 6. - 9.
Monza (I)

More information coming!

June 28. - 30.
Massa (I)

More information coming!

June 10. - 22.
Copenhagen (DK)

Susanna will offer you two weeks of intense Astanga Yoga for you to nurture and deepen your existing yoga practice through personal adjustments and advices. Her wish is to support a sense of joy, commitment and depth to your own practice in a caring and focused atmosphere among fellow practitioners.

October 2019

October 4. - 6.
Bruxelles (B)

More information coming!

Oct. 19. - Nov. 2.
Salento, retreat (I)

More information coming!

November 2019

Nov. 22. -24.
Belluno (I)

Dates may change – more information coming soon!

Nov. 8. -10.
Köln (DE)

Dates may change – more information coming soon!