Susanna's schedule

Workshops, retreats & long courses

After teaching a daily mysore programme for 17 years in Copenhagen, Susanna now has her base in her hometown, Rome. She is now traveling, sharing her knowledge and experience teaching around the world


September 22.-23.

A weekend in Naples! 
Susanna will give a talk on the 8 limbs of yoga as described in the Yogas Sutras of Patanjali and the relevance of the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita in a modern world.
Furthermore, Susanna will explore the vinyasas in and out of asana in the primary series.


October 6.-13.
Salento (Retreat)

Again this year, Susanna will teach at Yoga in Salento, Italy. Through personal adjustments and advice, Susanna will help each practitioner to deepen their practice. She will also lead simple chanting and hold talks on philosophical topics.

October 19.-21.

Starting of with an evening led primary, Susanna will take you through a weekend focusing on some of the fundamental aspects of the practice. She will lead a simple chanting and talk about the importance of the opening mantra and how it can be a gateway to the philosophic teachings related to the practice of Astanga Yoga

October 28. - November 16.

For three weeks Susanna will be back in Copenhagen. It will be three weeks of intense practice giving depth, commitment and a sense of joy to the individual practitioner. 


November 30. - Decemeber 2. Follonica

This is Susanna’s first workshop in Follonica, Italy. The programme consists of one counted led primary and two mysore mornings. 
There will be theory classes – and chanting of course, to deepen each practitioners understanding of the practice as it has been taught to her.