Susanna's schedule

Workshops, retreats & courses

After teaching a daily mysore programme for 17 years in the shala in Copenhagen, Susanna now has her base in her hometown, Rome. She is now sharing her knowledge and experiences teaching courses of traditional Astanga Yoga at dedicated shalas in Europe.

September 2019

Sept. 20.-22.
Napoli (I)

A weekend workshop starting with a led primary series counted in sanskrit. Saturday there will be a mysore class as well as a led beginners class, guided until janu sirsasana a. Sunday the beginners may join the mysore class. 

Sept. 24.-29.
Rome (I)

A one week workshop, where Susanna will teach mysore classes as well as a led primary class, counted in sanskrit, following the traditional method.

October 2019

Oct. 4. - 6.
Bruxelles (B)

Susanna will teach a weekend workshop in Brussels. There will be three mysore classes and a talk on Ashtanga Yoga and chanting. 

Oct. 10.-13.
Belluno (I)

More information coming soon!

Oct. 19. - 26.
Salento, retreat (I)

A one week retreat in Salento. Susanna is present in the class helping each student in his/her practice with physical or verbal adjustments, emphasizing the breath – a safe way to practice. There will also be chanting and philosophy talks.

November 2019

Nov. 8. -10.
Köln (DE)

In this weekend-workshop, Susanna will teach 3 mysore classes and give talks on yoga philosophy, focusing on the yoga sutras of Patanjali. There will also be time for chanting and an explanation of the sanscrit alphabet.

Nov. 15. -17.
Groningen (NL)

The workshop starts off with a led primary, counted in sanscrit. In addition to mysore classes, Susanna will give an introduction to samkhya philosophy and also talk about the importance of the vinyasa count in your personal practice.

February 2020

Feb. 14. -16.
Massa (I)

More information coming soon!

April 2020

Apr. 3. -11.
Groningen (NL)

More information coming soon!