Susanna's schedule

Workshops, retreats & courses

After teaching a daily mysore programme for 17 years in the shala in Copenhagen, Susanna now has her base in her hometown, Rome. She is now sharing her knowledge and experiences teaching courses of traditional Astanga Yoga at dedicated shalas in Europe.

March 2020

POSTPONED: Mar. 16. - 22.
Zürich (CH)

Due to the situation with the coronavirus, the workshop is postponed.

POSTPONED: Mar. 27. - 28.
Bologna (I)

Due to the situation with the coronavirus, the workshop is postponed.

April 2020

Apr. 3. -11.
Groningen (NL)

This week is divided into a weekend workshop followed by one week of mysore classes, ending with a led primary and a talk on the last Saturday. During the weekend Susanna will take you through chanting as well as talks on philosophy and yoga related topics.

Apr. 13. - May 9.
Freiburg (DE)

This 4 week workshop gives you the opportunity to deepen your practice on an everyday basis. Saturdays there will be a led class as well as a talk. From the 14th to the 16th of April, Vidwan Lakshmish Bhat from Mysore will join and teach about chanting and philosophy as well as perform a puja.

May 2020

May 15. - 17.
San Ippolito (I)

A weekend workshop starting of with a led primary on Friday evening. Saturday and Sunday there will be the option to join either a mysore class or a half led primary class (until navasana). Furthermore Susanna will tae you through some chanting and yoga theory.

May 24. - June 5. Eindhoven (NL)

Susanna will be substituting for two weeks, teaching mysore classes according to the schedule of Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven.

June 2020

June 7th
Perugia (I)

Susanna will teach a masterclass! More information coming soon.

June 11.-14.
Treviso (I)

In this 4-day workshop, Susanna will teach 3 mysore classes as well as a led primary counted in Sanscrit. In the afternoon talks, she will introduce you to some yoga philosophy and chanting. There will plenty of time for questions as well.

June 21.-28
Calabria (I)

Together with Gabriele Severini and Elena de Martin, Susanna will be teaching at a retreat in beautiful Calabria. The three of them will alternate teaching the mysore classes as well as afternoon workshops. There will be a led class with, where all three teachers will be guiding you through. The retreat will be closed off by a confluence with all three teachers.

July 2020

July 8. - 12.
Reggello (I)

In this workshop Susanna will teach 4 Mysore classes as well as a led primary. On the weekend Susanna will also guide you through the chanting of mantras and teach two ‘theory and practice’ classes, which will focus on the 8 limbs of astangayoga, an introduction to Samkhya philosophy, and a closer look on the opening mantra. Susanna will talk about the vinyasas and some of the more difficult asana of the primary series.

August 2020

August 28. - 30.
Follonica (I)

Susanna will take you through a led class as well as two mysore classes. In the afternoon workshops she will take a closer look at some asana, where there will be plenty of time for questions.

September 2020

Sept. 28.- Oct. 3.
Salento (I)

A one week retreat in wonderful Salento. Susanna will teach 6 mysore classes, 3 in-depth afternoon classes and 3 pranayama sessions. There will be time to ask questions, hang out with Susanna and enjoy the surroundings in Salento.

October 2020

Oct. 9. - 11.
Olbia (I)

More informatin coming soon!